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  • Kigali shapers initiated the #VisaFreeAfrica campaign
  • National Aviation Service (NAS) partnered with the Kigali Global Shapers
    as the exclusive sponsors of the #VisaFreeAfrica initiative
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#VisaFreeAfrica is an initiative organized by the Kigali Global Shapers and powered by National Aviation Services (NAS), a leading aviation services provider.

For the past 30 years, Africa has attempted to address free movement. Still, travelling across the African continent continues to be quite challenging.

Every day we hear stories of African citizens who could not attend a conference, a business meeting, or accept a job offer and prospects of a better career simply because they could not meet the visa requirements of one of the African countries.

The #VisaFreeAfrica petition is part of a continental effort to ease the visa procedures across the continent and promote freedom of movement.

The petition, addressed to the African Union requests:

  1. All 55 African countries to grant a 30-day visa on arrival to all African citizens by 2022
  2. Achieve movement of people across all African countries by 2030